Paid Holiday for Employees on Polling Day

Paid Holiday on Election Day. Paid Holiday on Polling Day. Paid Holiday to Employees on Poll Day. Lok Sabha Elections 2014 Paid Holiday for Employees on Election/Polling Day

Election Commission Letter No.78/2014/EPS, Dated 18th March, 2014

Subject: General Elections to the Lok sabha, 2014 and General Etection to the Legislative Assemblies of Andhra pradesh, odisha, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh and Bye Elections io fill the clear vacancies in Assembly constituencies of various states - Grant of Paid Holiday - Regarding.

Section 13SB of the Representation of the People Act, 1951 which provides for the grant of paid holiday to the employees on the day of poll
Grant of Paid Holiday to Employees on the day of Poll
(i) Every person employed in any business trade, industrial undertaking or any other establishment and entitled to vote at etection to the House of the people or the Legislative Assembly of a State shall, on the day of poll, be granted a holiday.
(ii) No deduction or abatement of the wages of any such person shall be made on account of a holiday having been granted in accordance with sub-section (l) and if such person is employed on the basis that he would not ordinarily receive wages for such a day, he shall nonetheless be paid for such day the wages he would have drawn had not a holiday been granted to him on that day
(iii) lf an employer contravenes the provisions of sub-section (1) or sub-section (2), then such employer shall be punishable with fine, which may extend to five hundred rupees.
(iv) This section shall not apply to any elector whose absence may cause danger or substantial loss in respect of the employment in which he is engaged
The daily wage/casual workers are also entitled for a holiday and wages on poll day as provided in Section 1358 of the R.P. Act, 1951

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