West Bengal Govt e-Text Books for 1st Class to 8th Class

West Bengal Govt e-Text Books. 1st Class to 8th Class e-Text Books. WB Primary School/Class Text Books.
Govt of West Bengal, Department of School Education has published e-Text Books for all primary school and upper primary school pupil studying in the state of west bengal from 1st class to 8th class. These books can be downloaded freely from the official school education website.
Class 1:
Amar Bai - Download
SP-1: Download
Class 2:
My English Book: Download
KS-2: Download
NGM-2: Download
SP-2: Download
Class 3:
Butter Fly English: Download
Amar Paribesh: Download
Amar Ganith: Download
Patabahar Bengali: Download
Class 4:
My English Book: Download
History and Geography: Download
Amar Ganith: Download
PV-4: Download
KS-4: Download
Class 5:
Butter Fly English: Download
Patabahar: Download
Amar Ganith: Download
Paridesh Parichity: Download
Class 6:
Paribesh Parichay: Download
Class 7:
English: Download
Geography: Download
Maku: Download
Bengali: Download
Class 8:
Learning English: Download
Maths-Bengali: Download

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