West Bengal HSE 2014 On Duty Orders for Teachers

West Bengal HSE 2014. Higher Secondary Exams 2014 On Duty Orders for Teachers.
On Duty orders for Head Examiner, Practical Head Examiner, Examiners, Scrutinisers.
Government of West Bengal, School Education Department has published some instructions for ensuing HSE (Higher Secondary Exams) for the year 2014.
To instruct the school authorities to the effect that where both examinations for 9th Class and Higher Secondary will be held other classes will be suspended for the days of examinations. In other cases where only the examination of Class 11 will be held in 2nd half of the school hour, the school authority will decide to suspend the classes for the entire day or for the 2nd half only on the basis of the situation. The schools which have been ordered to spare their teachers for invigilation and other function in other examination centers need not require suspending normal classes.
2. To instruct the school authorities to release the Head Examiner (18 days), Practical Head Examiner (7 days), Examiners (5 days), Scrutinisers (9 days), DAC (17 days), Council Nominees (13 days) on the specified dates as per requisition made by the Council and the period will be treated as ON DUTY.
Click HERE to download the instructions copy for more information regarding this matter

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