G.O Rt.No.564 Dated 03.04.2014 MPTC ZPTC Election Remuneration Rates

G.O Rt.No.564 Dated 03.04.2014. MPTC ZPTC Election Remuneration Rates. MPTC ZPTC Election Zonal Officer, R.O/P.O/A.P.O/O.P.O/P.P Remuneration Rates. Election Duty Remuneration Rate
ELECTIONS-4th Ordinary Elections to MPTCs/ZPTCs-2014-Payment of TA/DA/Remuneration to polling and counting personnel drafted on election duty to MPTCs/ZPTCs-Orders-Issued.
Read the following:
1. G.O.Ms.No.1077,PR&RD(E&R)Dept.,Dated; 1.7.2013
2.  G.O.Rt.No.436,MA&UD(Elec.I)Dept., Dated:24.03.2014
3. From the Secretary, State Election Commission, Sec’bad Lr.No.609/SEC-B1/2014 Dated 26.03.2014
4. From the Commissioner, Panchayat Raj and Rural Employment, Hyd., Lr.No. Lr.No.3366/Elec./2014
5. From the President APUTF, representation dated 28.03.2014.
6. Election Commission of India Letter No.464/INST-PAY/2014-EPS, dated:28.02.2014.
In the reference 1st read above orders were issued for payment of TA/DA/Remuneration to the polling personnel drafted for the purpose of 4th Ordinary Elections to Panchayat Raj Institutions-2013.
2. In the reference 2nd read above orders were issued for payment of remuneration to the polling and counting personnel drafted on election duty to the 4th Ordinary elections to urban local Bodies.
3. In the reference 3rd &4th read above, the Secretary, State Election Commission, Secunderabad and Commissioner of Panchayat Raj & Rural Employment have requested the Government to revise the rates of TA/DA/remuneration payable to the personnel engaged for MPTC/ZPTCs elections in the State.
4. Government after careful examination of the above proposal and in modification of the orders issued in G.O 1st read above, hereby order fixing the following rates of TA /DA/ remuneration payable to the personnel drafted on training classes/polling/counting duties during 4th Ordinary elections to MPTC/ZPTCs-2014.
1 Zonal Officer/Route Officer/Sectoral Officer: Rs.1500/- one time remuneration at lump sum
2 Presiding Officer/Counting Supervisor Rs.350/- per day
3 Polling Officers/Counting Assistants Rs.250/- per day
4 Office sub-ordinates(Class-IV)  Rs.150/- per day
5 Packed lunch and or light refreshment to the personnel deployed at polling stations/counting centres Rs.150/- per head per Day


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