Photo Voter Slips Distribution by BLO (Booth Level Officer)

Photo Voter Slips. Distribution of Photo Voter Slips by BLO (Booth Level Officer)
Distribution of Photo Voter Slips to the Electors by the Booth Level Officers (BLO)
The election commission of india, has instructed all the chief electoral officers in the country regarding issue of Photo Voter Slips to inform the elector regarding the polling station where he/she is enrolled.
Only one set of photo voter slips would be printed for the registered electors of each assembly constituency duly authenticated by the electoral registration officer for distribution through the booth level officers
The returning officers (RO) of the constituency shall prepare a schedule for distribution of photo voter slips by the BLOs. A copy of this schedule shall be given by the Returning officer to the political parties. Booth level agents (BLA) of all recognized political parties if they have been appointed and contesting candidates and their agents under acknowledgement.
Click HERE to download the ECI Press note for more information regarding this

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