AP (SSC) 10th Class Grading System Grade Points

10th Class Grading System. AP SSC Grading System 2014. AP SSC (10th Class) Grade, Grade Points.
Results Grading. SSC Marks and Grades.
AP 10th Class results 2014 have been announced today. Instead of subject wise marks, the school education department of andhra pradesh has been announcing Grades from a couple of years. A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, D1, D2 and E grades have been awarded to the students. 03 to 10 grade points have also been awarded. Students who got 92 to 100 marks in one subject (Except in Hindi) will be awarded A1 grade for that particular subject (Telugu, English, Maths, PS, NS, Social Studies). For Hindi, 90 to 100 marks treated as A1 grade and awarded 10 grade points.
92-100: A1: Grade Points 10
83-91: A2 : Grade Points 9
75-82: B1 : Grade Points 8
67-74: B2 : Grade Points 7
59-66: C1: Grade Points 6
51-58: C2 : Grade Points 5
43-50: D1 : Grade Points 4
35-42: D2: Grade Points 3
34 and below: E

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