List of AP Secretariat Employees Local Cadre Status

AP Secretariat Employees Local Cadre. Secretariat Employees Local status. List of AP Secretariat Employees. Andhra Pradesh Secretariat Employees Local Cadre Status List, Memo.No.8264

Memo.No.8264/SU.I/A1/2014-2, Dated 19.05.2014

Sub:- Estt-Single Unit- List of employees of all departments of Secretariat and their Local status – Objections / representations about local status- Called for by 21.5.2014 12.00 Noon – Reg

All the Departments of the Secretariat are informed that a list is enclosed about local status of employees working at Secretariat. Everybody from the cadre of Addl. Secretary down to the cadre of DR&T Assistant, are requested to verify the correctness of the local status.
2. In case, any employee, finds his local status in correct or if anyone has reasons to believe that local status of any employee is incorrectly given, it is suggested that such employee or the person should send their representations to Dy. Secretary to Government (SU), GAD either in person or by mail (, duly signed and stating the reasons why any local status of an employee is not correct.
3. This list will be available on till 21.5.2014 12.00 Noon and any objections / representations should be submitted by 21.5.2014 12.00 Noon. It is also clarified that no representations / objections will be received after this time.

4. This will be treated as “MOST URGENT”.

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