G.O. Ms.No.146 Dated 27.06.2014 Contract/Outsourcing Employees Service Renewal

G.O. Ms.No.146 Dated 27.06.2014. Contract/Outsourcing Employees service renewal G.O. AP State Govt Contract Employees service renewal upto 31.12.2014
Human Resources Contract / Outsourcing - Renewal of services of the contract and outsourcing personnel working in various Government Departments up to 31.12.2014 –Orders - Issued
FINANCE (HR.I) DEPARTMENT, G.O. Ms.No.146 Dated 27.06.2014.
1. With a view to supplement the workforce based on short-term requirements, the Government has been permitting the departments to hire the services of individuals on contract/ outsourcing basis for a limited
duration with the prior approval of Finance Department. The Government issued a general order continuing the services of individuals serving the government on contractual and outsourcing basis up to June 30, 2014, in the reference fourth cited.

2. In the reference third cited, the Government of India notified the Andhra Pradesh Re-organisation Act, 2014. Accordingly, the residual state of Andhra Pradesh has come into existence on the Appointed Day of June 02, 2014. In references fifth and sixth cited, the General Administration (SR) Department has issued orders for provisional apportionment of personnel working on contract/outsourcing basis between the successor States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

3. In order to avoid hardship to those contractual / outsourced personnel provisionally allocated to the Andhra Pradesh Government effective June 02, 2014 and whose contractual tenure is expiring on June 30, 2014, the Government has decided to continue the tenure of the personnel provisionally assigned to serve the State of Andhra Pradesh on June 02, 2014, to continue to provisionally serve the Government under the existing terms and conditions until December 31, 2014, pending further orders in the matter.
4. Accordingly, the Government hereby order that the services of those persons working on contract / outsourcing basis on June 02, 2014, with the prior approval of the Finance Department, be extended provisionally up to December 31, 2014, subject to the existing terms and conditions as mentioned in reference fourth cited
5. These orders are applicable only to those persons directly contracted by the government departments with the prior concurrence of the Finance Department and persons whose services have been procured from manpower agencies currently serving the field offices located in villages, Urban Local Bodies, Mandals, Divisions, Districts, Zonal and Multi-zonal offices etc., in the territories that constitute the State of Andhra Pradesh and those working in the Secretariat departments, Head of Departments,
State Level Offices if any, where such persons have been apportioned and provisionally allocated to the successor State of Andhra Pradesh as per the G.Os fifth and sixth read above.

6. These orders are not applicable to the offices/Institutions where such apportionment of Contract persons and the persons whose services have been provided by the manpower agencies has not been made as per the ratios mentioned in the GO fifth and sixth read above.

7. In addition to the conditions mentioned in GO fourth read above, the Departments concerned shall follow following conditions specifically in respect of contractual services.

i) The contract with the individual employees or with the Manpower Agencies shall not be treated as continuing from the past but as new contractual arrangement for a limited duration.
ii) The departments shall not issue a generic order of contractual and shall refer to the arrangement as ‘contracting services for specific duration with specific terms-of reference.
iii) The departments shall define specific Terms-of-Reference (TOR), supervision system, performance management system, terms and conditions of contract and monitor fulfillment of these conditions.

8. Based on these orders, the Secretariat Departments concerned shall dispose off requests for continuation of Contract/outsourcing services relating to HODs under their control without referring the files to Finance department

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