High School Teachers Training Program on New Text Books

Training Program to High School Teachers on New Text Books. Teleconference/Training Program for 9th and 10th Class dealing High School Teachers on new examination reforms.

Govt has released Rc.No.95 for conducting Teleconference to Head Masters and High School Teachers on new text books and examination reforms for class 9th and 10th class. Teleconference time table is as follows
16.06.2014-High School HMs
Training on 10th Class new text books and examination reforms.
17.06.2014: Telugu Subject Teachers
18.06.2014: English Subject Teachers
19.06.2014: Hindi Subject Teachers
20.06.2014: Maths Subject Teachers
21.06.2014: Physical Science Subject Teachers
23.06.2014: Biology Subject Teachers
24.06.2014: Social Studies Subject Teachers
25.06.2014: Urdu Subject Teachers
26.06.2014: Sanskrit Subject Teachers
The above schedule is mentioned for high school subject teachers. Teleconference held from 10am to 5pm.

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