G.O Ms.No.23 Dated 13.08.2014 Telangana Special Increment

G.O Ms.No.23 Dated 13.08.2014. Telangana Special Increment G.O. Telangana Teachers Special Increment G.O. Telangana Employees Special Increment G.O No.23

Public Services – Formation of Telangana State – Special Increment – Sanction – Orders – Issued.

FINANC E (HRM.III) DEPARTMENT, G.O.MS.No. 23 Date: 13.08.2014

Telangana Special Increment G.O Ms.No.23 Dated 13.08.2014

1.The State of Telangana was formed and came into existence as the 29th State in the Union of India on and from 2nd June, 2014 under the A.P.Reorganization Act, 2014.

2. Several sections of the society have voluntarily participated in the movements demanding the Central and State Governments for creation of the State of Telangana. Non-Gazetted, Gazetted and other classes of employees have played a n important role in building up the movement in a peaceful and democratic manner and in mobilizing the support of the nation for the just demand. The contribution of the employees community was immense in the emergence of the State of Telangana.
3.In token of appreciation of the role played by the employee community, the Government have decided to sanction a special increment by name Telangana Increment to the employees to mark fulfillment of the longstanding demand for formation of separate State of Telangana.

4.Accordingly, Government hereby order sanction of Telangana Increment in the nature of a special pay equivalent to the immediate previous increment draw n in their current pay scale, which wo uld be a permanently fixed amount during the entire period of service (like earlier family planning increment), to the following categories of employees serving the Government of Telangana.

a)All employees of the State Government who are in receipt of pay in a regular pay scale in the RPS, 2010/UGC/AICTE pay scales.

b)Employees of the Local Bodies, Agricultural Market Committees, Zilla Grandhalaya Samasthas and Aided Institutions, who are in receipt of pay in a reg ular pay scale in the RPS, 2010.

c)Work-charged establishment in receipt of pay in a regular pay scale in the RPS, 2010.

d)Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff of Universities who are drawing pay in a regular scale of pay in the RPS, 2010/UGC/AICTE pay scales

Download Telangana Special Increment G.O.Ms.No.23 Dated 13.08.2014 for more information


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