G.O.MS.No.186 Dated 05.09.2014 Transfers Ban Lifted upto 10th October 2014

G.O.MS.No.186 Dated 05.09.2014. Transfers Ban Lifted upto 10th October 2014. Transfers amendment G.O.MS.No.186
PUBLIC SERVICES - Transfers of employees –Revised instructions and lifting of Ban on transfers up to 10th October, 2014 – Orders - Issued
FINANCE (DCM-II) DEPARTMENT, G.O.MS.No.186, Dated 05-09-2014

Read the following:
 1. G.O.Ms.NO.175, Finance (DCM-II) Department, dt.19-08-2014.
 2. G.O.Ms.NO.176, Finance (DCM-II) Department, dt.21-08-2014.
 3. Representation of Visually Challenged EmployeesAssn.,A.P.,dt.22-8-2014.
 4. Representation of A.P.N.G.O’s Association, dt.28-8-2014.

In the G.O 1st read above, orders were issued relaxing the ban on transfers up to 30th September, 2014 subject to certain conditions. In the G.O 2nd read above, it was further instructed that all the Departments shall take adequate care to fill up the vacancies in Rural and Remote areas on priority, while effecting transfers.
2. In pursuance of the requests made in the representation 3rd and 4th read above, it has been decided that preference be given in spouse cases, disabled persons/physically challenged persons, employees having mentally retarded children to effect transfers of Non Gazetted officers through counselling etc. It has also been decided to extend the period of Ban on transfers till 10th October, 2014.
3. Accordingly the following amendments are given to the G.O 1st read above

A. The following shall be added under para 2(ii): While effecting transfers in both the cases (i) & (ii) above.
a) preference be given in spouse cases (Only one of the spouse shall be shifted)
b) Similarly, the standing instructions on the transfers of Office Bearers of recognized employees’ unions as issued in Circular Memo No.26135/Ser. Welfare/2002-1 of G.A. (Services) Department, dt.19.6.2002 be followed.
c) Preference in place of posting at the time of transfer/promotion, either to continue in the same place or to post them as per their request, be given to the persons with disability/physically challenged persons *subject to the administrative constraints.
d) Preference be given in place of posting to the employees, having mentally retarded children to a place where medical facilities are available.
*Note: 40% or more as certified by a competent authority as per “Persons with Disabilities
(PWD) (Equal opportunities, protection of rights and full participation) Act,1955, B. The following shall be substituted to para 2(iv): The transfers of Teachers/Non-Gazetted staff be done by counselling.
Further in this category not more than 20% of employees working in that cadre be transferred

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