AP Runa Mafi Farmers List Online G.O Ms.No.218 Dated 4.12.2014

AP Runa Mafi List on 6th December 2014. G.O. Ms No.218 Dated 04.12.2014. AP Runa Mafi Online List on 6.12.2014. Rythu Runa Mafi. AP Runa Mafi Eligibility List of Farmers.

AP Runa Mafi List of Farmers will be declared on 6th December 2014. AP Runa Mafi Eligible Farmers List will be displayed online on 6.12.2014. AP Govt has issued G.O. Ms No.218 Dated 04.12.2014 regarding this. The following is the copy of G.O. Ms No.218 Dated 04.12.2014.

Farmers’ Empowerment Programme - Farmers’ Debt Redemption – Transfer of Funds by Rythu Sadhikara Samstha to the Farmers’ Accounts – Orders Issued FINANCE (EBS-II – A&C) DEPARTMENT, G.O. Ms No.218 Dated 04.12.2014

Read the following: 1.GO Ms No. 164 Finance (IF) Department dated 02.08.2014
2.GO Ms No. 174 Finance (IF) Department dated 14.08.2014
3.GO Ms No 20 of Planning (VII) Department dated 27.09.2014
4.G.O.Ms no 197 Finance (R&E) Department dated 04.10.2014
5.SLBC letter No 666/30/02/-B/577 dated 18.11.2014
6.GO Rt. No. 2583 and GO Rt. No 2584 of Finance (EBS II) Department dated 18.10.2014

Farmers’ Debt Redemption

3.Redemption of farmer’s debt has been one of the most important policy commitments of the Government to provide the much-needed private as well as public investment for productivity enhancement and value addition to the Agricultural sector. The Government’s objective is to provide the much-deserved and long awaited relief to the farm families who have been pauperized over the years by moneylenders, unregulated micro-finance institutions (MFIs), and grossly inadequate investment in agriculture over a decade.

Procedure for Transfer of Funds

9.The Rythu Sadhikara Samstha shall be the Nodal Agency to co-ordinate, supervise, and monitor all activities relating to the Farmers’ Debt Redemption Scheme. The Samstha will transfer funds received from the Government in the reference sixth read above, through an Escrow Account to be established for the purpose of Farmers’ Debt Redemption. The Samstha will facilitate all Banks participating in the Farmers’ Debt Redemption Scheme to establish an Escrow Nodal Account for the Farmers’ Debt Redemption at the Head / Zonal / Regional level, as per the convenience of the concerned Bank.

10.Based on the details of farmer families cleared for debt redemption by the Government in the first phase – communicated through NIC / Finance Department – the Rythu Sadhikara Samstha will order for transfer of amount eligible for redemption to each Bank Branch. Based on this authorisation, the participating Banks will transfer the authorised funds from the Escrow Nodal account to their Bank Branches. Each Bank Branch will establish a ‘Escrow Current Account’ to be utilised for the exclusive purpose of receiving and managing funds relating to the ‘Farmers’ Debt Redemption’ Scheme

11.The Branch Manager shall be responsible for careful verification of the beneficiary account cleared under the Debt Redemption Scheme, confirm the outstanding balance based on the Bank records, tally with their books, verify the correctness of the amount authorised for transfer for debt redemption by the Rythu Sadhikara Samstha. The Branch Manager shall appropriate the insurance claim, if any, received from the Agriculture Insurance Company of India Ltd (AIC), by notionally reducing the outstanding balances in the respective accounts as on 31 December 2013, before computing the amount of benefit.

12.The Branch Managers shall obtain an application-cum-affidavit from each beneficiary family in the format to be prescribed by the Rythu Sadhikara Samstha before transferring the benefit to the beneficiary account. The Branch Manager will transfer the debt redemption entitlement amount to the farmers’ loan account. The farmers who receive benefit under the Scheme are eligible for fresh finance from the lending institution, including additional amount, if any required and found eligible. Where the amount of redemption is less than the outstanding amount, fresh loan will be sanctioned, if requested, depending on eligibility


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