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AP 10th PRC Report. Telangana 10th PRC Report. 10th PRC Pay Scales 2014. 10th PRC Report for AP Employees/Pensioners. http://www.apfinance.gov.in/

10th PRC Report for AP and Telangana is now available at AP Finance Department website http://www.apfinance.gov.in. 10th PRC Pay Scales, Fitment, Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Special Pay are as follows. The following are the recommendations by the 10th Pay Commission.

10th PRC Pay Scales

The commissions has recommended the following Master Pay Scales. These pay scales are calculated at the rate of 29% fitment. Several employees unions have demanded for 69% fitment, but the 10th PRC has only recommended 29% fitment. Fitment increase issue will be discussed when the cabinet sub committee held discussions with union leaders. AP State Govt Finance Minister Mr.Y.Rama Krishnudu will be meeting all the reconfigured unions bearers on the 13th of January 2015 for this issue.

13000­-390­-14170­-430­-15460-­470­-16870-­510­-18400­-550-­20050-­590­-21820-­640-­23740­-700-­25840-­760-­28120­-820­-30580-­880-­33220-­950­-36070­-1030-­39160-­1110­-42490­1190­-46060-­1270­-49870-­1360-­53950­-1460­-58330-­1560-­63010­-1660­-67990-1760­-73270­-1880­-78910-­2020­-84970–2160–91450–2330­-100770­-2520–110850 (80)­

10th PRC Dearness Allowance

10th Pay  Commission recommended Dearness Allowance be regulated at 0.524% (536:1022) for the State Government Employees for every 1% of Dearness Allowance sanctioned to the employees of Government of India With effect from 1.1.2014. This is really a big shocking news for the AP and Telangana State Govt Employees and Pensioners who are looking forward for equal rate with central government employees.

10th PRC HRA

10th PRC recommended 30% of Basic Pay as HRA where the population is more than 50 Lakhs, 20% of Basic Pay where the population is more than 2 Lakhs, 14.5% of basic pay where the population is more than 50000 and less than 2 Lakhs and 12% of basic pay where the population is less than 50000. The existing ceiling of Rs.12,000/­ be enhanced to Rs.20,000/­ per month  for  the  areas covered by Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. For other places where ceiling is Rs.8000/­, the same is recommended to be enhanced to Rs.15,000/­ per month.

10th PRC CCA

10th PRC recommended the  existing  rate  of  CCA  be raised in all pay ranges and recommends that CCA should be continued with enhanced rates.

The list of other municipal corporations eligible for City Compensatory Allowance are 1.Ananthapur, 2.Chittoor, 3.Eluru, 4.Guntur, 5.Kakinada, 6.Kadapa, 7.Karimnagar, 8.Khammam, 9.Kurnool, 10.Nellore, 11.Nizamabad, 12.Ongole, 13.Rajahmundry, 14.Ramagundam, 15.Tirupathi and 16.Warangal

10th PRC Special Pay

Special Pay of Rs.300/­ p.m. recommended for all Assistant Section Officers working in Secretariat, Legislature Secretariat, Raj Bhavan Secretariat, A.P. High Court, A.P. Administrative Tribunal, A.P.Public Service Commission, A.P. State Election Commission, Institution of Lok­ayukta  and  Upa  Lok­ayukta,  Special  Court  for  Land  Grabbing Prohibition Act

The  existing  Special  Grade,  SPP  IA/  SAPP  IA/  SPP  IB/  SAPP IB/SPP­ II/SAPP­II may be continued with the Special Grade after 6 years, SPP­IA/SAPP­IA after 12 years, SPP­IB/SAPP­IB after 18 years and SPP­II/SAPP­II after 24 years

The Commission recommends that the revised pay scales should come into force from 1.7.2013.


Download 10th PRC Report:

10th PRC Volume 1
10th PRC Volume 2-1
10th PRC Volume 2-2
10th PRC Volume 3
10th PRC Volume 4
10th PRC Volume 5


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