G.O MS.No.53 Dated 12.05.2015 402 Teachers Recruitment in Tribal Welfare Ashram Schools

G.O MS.No.53 Dated 12.05.2015. 402 Teachers Recruitment in TWAS. Teachers recruitment in Tribal welfare Ashram Schools of School Assistant, SGT, LP, PET

G.O.MS.No. 53 Dated:12-05-2015

AP State Govt has issued G.O Ms.No.53 on 12.05.2015 for the recruitment of 402 various teacher posts in Govt Tribal Welfare Ashram Schools. These 402 vacancies includes School Assistants, SGTs, Language Pandit, Telugu, Hindi, PET, Craft, Music Extra.

Public Services - Recruitment of (402) teachers in Tribal Welfare Ashram Schools – through Special DSC 2014 - Permission Accorded - Orders – Issued

Finance (HR.II) Department, G.O.MS.No. 53 Dated:12.05.2015

Read the following:
1. G.O.Ms.No.45, Social Welfare (TW.SER.III/A1) Department, dated 28.06.2011
2. Tribal Welfare Department’s U.O.No.9966/ TW.Edn.1/ 2014, dated 01.05.2015

In the G.O. first read above the Tribal Welfare Department has issued orders to Andhra Pradesh Tribal Welfare Subordinate Service Rules.

2. The Tribal Welfare Department has furnished a list of vacant posts of different categories of teacher posts and requested to accord permission to fill the posts through Special DSC– 2014.

3. After careful examination of the proposal of the department and keeping in view the actual requirement and the overall financial implications, the Government hereby accord permission to the Tribal Welfare Department to fill Four hundred and two (402) vacant posts of teacher in Tribal Welfare Ashram Schools located in Scheduled areas of Andhra Pradesh with the eligible local STs through Special DSC 2014.

Sl.No. Name of the Post Number of Posts
1 School Assistants 65
2 Telugu Pandits Grade-2 30
3 Hindi Pandits Grade-2 24
4 SGT 118
5 SGT/GPS 148
6 PET 6
7 Craft 6
8 Drawing / Music 5
Total 402

4. Tribal Welfare Secretariat Department and the Commissioner of Tribal Welfare Department shall take necessary action for filling the respective posts duly following the relevant rules applicable to direct recruitment to Ashram Schools in Scheduled areas and constituting the District Selection Committees as per the existing Rules.

5. Tribal Welfare Department shall issue detailed guidelines regarding the recruitment process.

Download G.O MS.No.53 Dated 12.05.2015 for more information.