FAFSA Deadlines 2022-2023. State wise Federal Student Aid Last Dates to Apply

FAFSA Deadlines 2022-2023

FAFSA Deadlines for the academic year 2022-2023 are as follows. Federal Student Aid Last Date to Apply differ from state to state in the United States. Students need to verify their state Financial Aid Administrator website for the last date to apply for Federal Student Aid.

FAFSA Deadlines 2022-2023 Federal and State wise Federal Student Aid Deadlines for the Academic Year 2022-2023.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid available at the state financial aid administrator. Students need to submit Free Application for Student Aid in the prescribed form well before the due date. Aid is depend on the available funds. So students need to submit their FAFSA well before the dead line.


Alaska: June 30, 2022

Arkansas: July 1, 2022

California: March 2, 2022

Connecticut: February 15, 2022

Delaware: April 15, 2022

District of Columbia: August 19, 2022

Florida: May 15, 2022

Georgia: Apply After October 1, 2021


Idaho: March 1, 2022

Illinois: Apply After October 1, 2021

Indiana: Apply After October 1, 2021

Iowa: July 1, 2022

Kansas: April 1, 2022

Kentucky: Apply After October 1, 2021

Louisiana: July 1, 2023

Maine: May 1, 2022

Maryland: March 1, 2022

Massachusetts: May 1, 2022

Michigan: March 1, 2022

Mississippi: October 15, 2022

Missouri: February 1, 2022

Montana: December 1, 2021

Nevada: Apply After October 1, 2021

New Jersey: April 15, 2022

New York: June 30, 2023

North Carolina: Apply After October 1, 2021

North Dakota: Apply After October 1, 2021

Ohio: October 1, 2022

Oklahoma: Apply After October 1, 2021

Oregon: Apply After October 1, 2021

Pennsylvania: August 1, 2022

South Carolina: Apply After October 1, 2021

South Dakota:

Tennessee: February 1, 2022

Texas: January 15, 2022


Vermont: Apply After October 1, 2021

Washington: Apply After October 1, 2021

West Virginia:  March 1, 2022

For FAFSA Deadlines 2022-2023, FAFSA Last Date for the year 2022-23 visit the following official website for more information


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