Appointment of retrenched teachers as co-ordinators under SSA

Government of Kerala, General Education - Package - Appointment of retrenched  teachers as co-ordinators under SSA - Orders issued.

General Education (J) Department G.O (MS)  No. 177 /2012/G.Edn, Dated 05.06.2012. Thiruvananthapuram 

Read:-     (1) G.O (P) No. 199/11 G.Edn dated: 01.10.2011.
               (2) G.O.(MS) No. 102/12/G.Edn dated: 29.03.2O12.
               (3) Letter No. H2/35920/11/D.P.I.  dated: 01.06.2012. from the Director of Public Instruction

As  per the order read as first paper above a comprehensive education package was  introduced  for the appointment  and deployment of  school teachers  in  General Education sector.  As  part of implementation of package, Government approved a list of retrenched teachers for being re-appointed  as teachers  in Education  Department vide Government  Order read as 2"d paper above.

             2) Director of Public  Instruction has reported that there is provision for appointment  of 1190 cluster co-ordinators  under S.S.A. during the current academic year, and he has proposed to appoint retrenched  teachers  as cluster co-ordinators.

             3)     Government  examined  the matter in detail and are pleased to appoint retrenched teachers who have completed ten days training in the following manner.

                    (i)  The retrenched teachers who have completed training shall report before the concerned  Deputy Director of Education with the training completion certificate. The Deputy Director of Education shall ascertain the convenience of the teacher and forward to DPO the list along with the option exercised by the retrenched teacher. On the receipt of this, DPO shall position the teacher as the cluster coordinator.  His pay shall be the entry pay in the relevant  pay scale.
                  (ii)  A large number of Resources Person (around 750) are being sourced to  conduct the ongoing teacher training prograrnme.  Deputy Directors of Education shall position the retrenched teachers  against the resultant vacancies as well. So that the convenience  of the teachers  are met as far as possible. This process
shall be completed before  15.06.2012.

             4) In certain cases teachers who are undergoing training have a chance to get appointment in their respective parent school in regular vacancies.  Such teacher shall be allowed to join  in their parent school. Deputy Directors of Education have to ensure that the teachers who were deputed as cluster co-ordinators are not likely to be appointed in regular vacancies  in their parent school during the academic year 2012-13.

              5)    As and when SSA completes the identification  of cluster co-ordinaters  through the selection  process these teachers shall be posted in the resultant vacancies in schools

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