RVM (SSA) Grants Utilization Guidelines 2012-2013

Rajiv Vidya Mission (SSA), A.P., Hyderabad. Guidelines on the utilization of Grants during 2012 – 13.

The following guidelines are issued for utilization of various grants released under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan during 2012-13

1.Teacher Grant (@ Rs. 500/- per teacher per annum)
Provision :-This grant will be released to the teachers working in the schools under Government, Localbody, Tribal Welfare(ITDA), Social Welfare, APRIES, APSWRIES, APTWRIES. Disabled Welfare and Aided Management @ Rs. 500/- per teacher per annum

1.50% of grant to be utilized for temporary TLM and 50% for permanent TLM.
2.Photostat copies of TLM, etc. (paper clippings / puzzles / downloaded material from internet etc.,)
3.Every teacher should prepare a list of required material, class-wise & subject-wise and submit the same to the HM.
4.The material shall be finalized by conducting a meeting by the HM with all the teachers duly considering lists prepared by the teachers subject-wise and class-wise. 
5.The Head Master should procure the permanent TLM with the help of a senior teacher.
6.The Head Master should purchase the raw material and supply to the teachers for preparation of temporary TLM.
7.TLM prepared by the teacher should be displayed in  the school complex meeting also.
8. Material purchased should be entered in the school stock register.
9.Vouchers, receipts should be preserved  
10.At Institution level teacher grant of all the teachers may be pooled up & procure the TLM of permanent nature.
11.Preference may be given to purchase of TLM which will be helpful to teach more than one concept.

School Grant
Maintenance Grant
School Complex Grant
MRC Grant

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