G.O.Ms.No.29 Dated: 04.03.2013

Public Services – Equivalence of Degree – B.Com and M.Com., multi branch degree courses awarded by Bharathiar University as equivalent to B.Com., and M.Com., degrees respectively and certain M.Com., multi branch degree course not equivalent to M.Com degrees – Recommendation of Equivalence
Committee –Orders – issued

HIGHER EDUCATION (K2) DEPARTMENT, G.O.(Ms.) No.29 Dated: 04.03.2013
In the reference fifth read above, the Secretary, Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission has forwarded the following resolution passed by the 38th Equivalence Committee meeting held on 04.01.2013 for the purpose of appointments in Public Service in which the Resolution No.9 the Equivalence Committee has resolved to recommend as follows:
B.Com., with Computer Application
B.Com. (e-commerce),
B.Com. (Information Technology)
B.Com. (Retail Marketing)
B.Com. (Banking and Insurance)
B.Com. (Professional Accounting)
as Equivalent to B.Com. 
M.Com. with Computer
M.Com. (Information Technology)
M.Com. (Finance and Cost
M.Com. (Finance and Control)
as Equivalent to M.Com.
M.I.B.(Master of International
M.Sc. (Finance and Computer
as NOT Equivalent to M.Com
The Government after careful consideration have decided to accept the above recommendation of the Equivalence Committee and accordingly direct that B.Com. with Computer Application, B.Com. (e-commerce), B.Com. (Information Technology), B.Com. (Retail Marketing), B.Com. (Banking and
Insurance), B.Com. (Professional Accounting), M.Com. with (Computer Applications), M.Com. (Information Technology), M.Com. (Finance and Cost Accounting), M.Com. (Finance and Control) awarded by the Bharathiar University be considered as equivalent to B.Com and M.Com degrees
respectively and M.I.B(Master of International Business) and M.Sc. (Finance and Computer Application) is not equivalent to M.Com degrees for the purpose of employment in Public Services
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