G.O Ms.No.375 Dated 12.09.2013 NHIS 2012

G.O Ms.No.375 Dated 12.09.2013. Amendment to G.O Ms.No.243. New Health Insurance Scheme 2012 G.Os
New Health Insurance Scheme 2012-Amendment to G.O.Ms.No.243, Finance (Salaries) Department, dated 29.06.2012 - Complaints directly sent to the Commissioner of Treasuries and Accounts instead of to the Joint Director of Medical and Rural Health Services in the concerned Districts–Amendment orders -Issued
Finance (Salaries) Department, G.O.Ms.No.375 Dated 12.09.2013
1.G.O.Ms.No.174, Finance(Sal.) Department, dated 28.04.2008.
2.G.O.Ms.No.243 Finance (Sal.) Department, dated 29.6.2012.
3.From the Commissioner of Treasuries & Accounts letter Rc.No.17750 / 2012 / NHIS, dated 06.06.2013

The following amendment is issued to para 14 of Annexure I of the Government Order second cited:
Amendment For the existing para 14 of Annexure I, the following shall be substituted: "Any complaint about any difficulty in availing treatments, non-availability of facilities, availing of bogus treatment for ineligible individuals etc., shall be submitted to the Joint Director of Medical and Rural Health Services of the concerned Districts for placing the same at the District Level Empowered Committee for its decision."
2. There shall be no change in the other existing rules and conditions.
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