Polling Officer Clerk Police Election Duty Remuneration 2014

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Election Commission of India's Letter No.464/INST-PAY/2014-EPS, Dated 28.02.2014 mentioned election duty remuneration for polling officers, polling clerks, police constable, police department, counting assistants, zonal officers.
Subject: Fixing uniform rate of remuneration to the officers/officials deployed on election duty - Regarding
ECI's letter to the chief electoral officers of all states and union territories mentioned the following rates for P.Os and Polling Personals who are going to participate in elections 2014 duties.
1. Sector Officer / Zonal Magistrate 1500/- lump sum
2. Presiding Officer/Counting Supervisor 350/- per day or part thereof
3. Polling Officers/Counting Assistant 250/- per day or part thereof
4. Class-IV 150/- per day or part thereof
5. Packed lunch and/ or light refreshment 150/- per head per day
6. Video Surveillance Team, Video Viewing Team, Accounting Team, Expenditure Monitoring Control Room and Call Center Staffs, Media Certification and Monitoring Committee, Flying Squads, Static Surveillance Team, Expenditure Monitoring Cell:
Class - I/II (Rs. 1200- lump sum)
Class - III (Rs. 1000/- lump sum)
Class - IV (Rs. 200/- per day)
7. Income Tax Inspector Rs. 1200/- lump sum
The above mentioned rates are equally applicable to police personnel actually deployed on Polling booths/counting centers.
Click HERE to download the ECI Letter for more information

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