Rc.No.131 Summative 3 Question Papers Distribution

SA 3 Question Papers. Summative 3 Question Papers Distribution. Rc.No.131, dated 13.03.2014
Proceedings Rc.No.131/RVM(SSA)/C1/2014, dated 13.03.2014.
Subject: RVM (SSA), AP, Hyderabad - Pedagogy Wing - Distribution of Summative-3 Question Papers by the DPO to Mandal Offices - From Mandal Offices to the School point - Revised instructions - Reg
All the project officers of the RVM (SSA) in the state are informed that the APRVM(SSA) is supplying summative 3 question papers of Telugu, English and Urdu mediums to all the schools. In this regard the SPO is providing some additional guidelines regarding sorting of question papers and transportation of question papers from DPO to mandal point.
1.Engage identified CRPs and pay actual bus fare and an honorarium Rs200 per day along with working lunch as per norms.
2.The required material for packing and sealing is permitted as per  the SSA norms
3.Provide transportation to the mandal point as per the norms fixed at DPO
The expenditure incurred for the above work may be met from the intervention "academic support to URCs/BRCs or management cost.
Therefore, the project officers of the RVM (SSA) are requested to make neccassary arrangments for mandal wise packing and transportation from DPOs to mandal

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