AP Government NTR Arogya Seva (Health Cards) from 2nd October 2014

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AP Government NTR Arogya Seva

AP State Government will be starting NTR Arogya Seva from 2nd October 2014 for cashless treatment at the network hospitals which spread across Andhra Pradesh state. New Government is formed in the Andhra Pradesh after Assembly Elections 2014. Telugu Desam Party has won majority seats and forming government on the 8th of June 2014. Earlier the Telugu Desam Party has promised to introduce NTR Health Cards for cashless treatment in network hospitals for all including Employees and Pensioners.

Rajiv Aarogya Sri was established by the congress government in 2004, and ever since, people who are on BPL (Below Poverty Line) and contain White Ration Cards getting free medical treatment in the referral hospitals established across all major towns/cities in Andhra Pradesh. Telugu Desam Party is going to add few more deceases and is likely to pay Rs2,50,000 under NTR Health Cards (Arogya Seva) program.

NTR Health Cards program was included in the TDP Manifesto. As Mr.Chandra Babu Naidu is about to sworn in as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, more details and guidelines about NTR health card will be declared very soon. Download the TDP elections manifesto for more information
TDP Manifesto
Rajiv Aarogya Shree Trust
Health Cards


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